Our Team


Zurina Ali

IBCLC, BA, MA, Teacher Training Dip.


I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).  I qualified in  2011. My experience of supporting breastfeeding families from culturally diverse communities spans nearly two decades.

I aim to work holistically and collaboratively with you and your family in exploring ways to support you through your unique breastfeeding/lactation and parenting journey.

I use skilled, evidence-based, compassionate, and nonjudgmental approach to help you and your family achieve breastfeeding and parenting goals.

On a personal note, I am a mother of four children. My breastfeeding and parenting journey began in 1993.  I have had a very different breastfeeding journey with each one of them.  Each journey has helped me in recognising that each child is different and each mother and baby pair is unique. I am looking forward to supporting you in your breastfeeding and parenting relationships!

Arielle Ball



Hello! I am, Arielle Ball (she/her) of an inclusive friendly private practice in Aberdeenshire, Scotland called Aberdeenshire Breastfeeding Consultancy located at the Breastfeed Scotland Clinic. I offer clinic, in home, and virtual consultations.

I recently moved to beautiful Scotland from sunny Florida. Previously I work for the government funded WIC program and the non-profit Healthy Start organization while running a private practice Lactation Consultancy.

My special interests are: Breastfeeding/Chestfeeding, induced lactation, low milk supply, underlying chronic morbidities (PCOS, IGT, Hypoplasia) and breast refusal.
National and community collaborative infant feeding efforts are my passion.

Current projects include: establishing a local breastfeeding coalition, creating local IBCLC led virtual support groups, fun lactation events (leading up to world breastfeeding week and throughout the year...fingers crossed), being a mentor to an aspiring IBCLC and collaborating on this amazing project!

Sophie Burrows



Hello my name is Sophie (she/her). I have been an IBCLC since early 2019, I'm based in West Sussex and run a private practice and I'm affectionately known as "The Boob Lady". As a clinical specialist in the management of breastfeeding I work with care and attention to every person in the feeding relationship. I am a calm and focused worker and I have completed training in Mindful Breastfeeding as well as being a Sling Consultant. My whole life is breastfeeding and I am passionate about helping families reach their breast/chest feeding goals. I also volunteer with a number of Breastfeeding charities too.

I have been a mother since 2011 I have two boys who have taught me a great deal! I have experience in how birth interventions can impact breastfeeding and a major focus big my work is helping mothers to trust their instinct and abilities.

I'm excited to meet more families and get to talk about my favourite subject a little bit more!

Laura Evans



I am a qualified Nurse and Health Visitor and I have been working with families for over fifteen years. In 2018 I fulfilled my lifelong ambition and qualified as an International BoardCertified Lactation Consult (IBCLC). I live in Chester, Cheshire with my husband and my three boys. Being the mother of three boys and having Labradors too means we spend a lot of time outdoors!


As well as being a Lactation Consultant, I am qualified to help parents recognise the unique skills their baby has been born with (Neonatal Behavioural Observation), positive parenting techniques (Solihull Approach) and developmental assessments (Ages and Stages Questionnaires).  


I run antenatal infant feeding workshops, community breastfeeding support groups, provide one to one support for mothers with complex breastfeeding challenges and train breastfeeding peer supporters and NHS health professionals. I enjoy organising parenting events in the community and volunteer for The National Childbirth Trust (NCT).


I work with families holistically and will support you on your journey from pregnancy to parenthood. I am there for the whole family unit and I will work in partnership with you to help you reach your breastfeeding goals. I feel that although breastfeeding may be natural, it's a skill that you and your baby learn together, and it can take some practice. With the right support you will achieve your goals!

Clare Watson



I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and I am passionate about working to ensure that parents are fully informed and supported in their choices regarding infant feeding and relationship building. 


Since overcoming tokophobia (a severe fear of pregnancy and birth) and having my little boy in 2013 I have become increasingly involved in the field of infant feeding support.

As both a Peer Supporter and an Infant Feeding Support Worker for the NHS I worked directly with many, many parents, supporting them face to face to help them reach their goals. I also delivered, and helped to develop, antenatal 'Infant Feeding' and 'Building a Happy Baby' workshops for parents as well as training sessions for hospital staff and GPs.


I have been a qualified teacher since 2001 and in the past spent my teaching career persuading secondary school and sixth form students to learn and enjoy maths.  I am now using my teaching skills in the area of infant feeding and bringing two of my passions together.